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Our Mission

As India’s first tax research Centre being anchored by former tax officers, the CTAR endeavours to simplify tax provisions for aam taxpayers. Its underlying philosophy is to help taxpayers and reassure them. We will be engaged in stimulating healthy and holistic debates on tax and cess of all kinds, corporate governance, foreign exchange etc. In addition to answering your queries, we will prepare tax reports and publish white papers on policy issues. Also, we will organize seminars, workshops, training programmes and tax tutorials to make everyone comprehend current and complex trends.

We firmly believe that every Indian has a right to understand the tax system from a non-government perspective too. While analysing trends and publishing research papers, we will incorporate government views but give the end-users an impartial and independent viewpoint. Creating quality materials on tax issues and sensitizing taxpayers on policy matters will also supplement the government’s effort to spread tax education and awareness, and ensure compliance. But we will be objective and independent in our assessment, and will tell the taxpayers the truth: What should be done, and what are their tax duties and tax rights.

  • Creating awareness about tax laws and procedures
  • Carrying out in-depth research on tax matters
  • Promotion of holistic corporate governance
  • Facilitation of quality and internationally accepted foreign exchange control systems and processes
  • Initiating debates on matters related to tax, corporate governance and foreign exchange etc. by organizing seminars, workshops, training programmes etc.
  • Publishing and documentation of tax research materials.
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During my 37-year-old career with Income Tax department, I moved from place to place, post to post. For me, every posting was a challenge, and at the same time an opportunity to deliver.

After my retirement as Chairman of Central Board of Direct Taxes, I was invited by various institutions and NGOs to deliver talks on tax matters. While advising taxpayers across sectors, I noticed, our vast salaried class including armed and paramilitary forces, pensioners or senior citizens, NRIs, professionals and small business establishments need the right guidance. Most taxpayers do comply with their tax obligations fully. Yet, they are not somehow relaxed and are burdened with anxieties. A large number of taxpayers are not even aware that getting tax refund on time is a basic right.

In one such meeting, a middle-aged man quizzed me why could not I give tax advice 24X7. For a moment, I had no answer. He then added that I should give tax solutions online so that he does not need to come from a remote place to attend my lecture. I thanked him for his suggestion.

For a while I was restless. Already I had got myself enrolled as a Member of the Bar Council of Delhi and as an Advocate of Delhi High Court Bar Association, thanks to my law degree from the University of Allahabad. Yet, I was not sure how I could help the vast majority of taxpayers who somehow maintain a safe distance from the taxmen. I then tossed the idea of creating a tax think-tank with some of my former colleagues and highly spirited individuals. All of us immediately agreed on one count: millions of Indian taxpayers expect to access tailor-made tax research materials and seek guidance from those who have been parts of the tax machinery for decades.

That is how CTAR was born. So, be a part of our passionate journey to explain tax laws and rules in simpler words. Just drop us a few lines on any query related to direct and indirect tax or FEMA. We are at your assistance. We also look forward to hearing your experiences while dealing with the system.